Data Scan reads, analyzes and processes documents instantly by scanning through its unique technology for automatic document reading.

Eliminating input errors

100 % recognition

Easy customization of your documents

Accelerate the capture and analysis of information

Reduces the costs of processing your surveys

Technical Support


Data Scan allows the creation of questionnaires for automatic scanning in any word processor and PAO software. It also enables the automatic insertion of specific items needed for the automatic reading of forms such as ladders, boxes, barcodes on your layout.


The completed documents are read by Datascan using a scanner or image importation.
The software monitors all data, ensuring complete integrity.

Analysis and export

By the end of reading, the results are available in the form of statistical reports and customizable text file for direct import into your database.



What our clients are saying about us…

We are very satisfied with the Data Scan software. The program is very reliable and its technical support is excellent.


Ignasi Hosta Pascual, Cospa & Agilmic Educaria


For more information on Data Scan, please download our complete documentation.