Designed for the teacher, Passnum is the solution to monitor on daily bases the level of students in a class and to accompany learning. Passnum offers educational support to students throughout their school career and a new way to share with colleagues.

Creating, editing and analysis of digital and paper assessments

MCQ and open questions

Adaptable to school scale

Available in Saas or in box

Questions bank

The bank can create and organize multiple choice and open questions. The teacher selects, organizes adds and perfects his questions arranged by subject files and levels according to his evaluations.

  • MCQ, true-false questions, short answers, editorial
  • Media supports (sound, video, images, PDF …)
  • Difficulty levels
  • Targeted sharing workbooks with colleagues


The questionnaires are automatically generated for the paper or digital passation from the questions available in the bank.

  • Design paper or digital questionnaires
  • Automatic randomized questions sorting
  • Automatic random order of questions and answers on statements
  • Configurable grading weightings

Digital or paper exams

The teacher administers the exams on paper, tablet or secured computers. Practice sessions can be performed remotely, from personal computers to students. Professor oversees evaluations through a dedicated dashboard.

  • Edition and automatic printing of copies
  • Secured digital exams with ananti-cheating blocked screen
  • Training sessions
  • Optimal supervision of digital exams

Automatic correction of MCQ

Passnum automatically reads and corrects multiple choice questionnaire during the scanning process. The exported results are instantaneous.

  • Automatic reading of candidates list
  • Validation of the candidates status
  • Automatic export of results in the list of candidates

On screen correction

The corrector leaf through the copy on the screen that appears larger than life, enjoying diversified and intuitive tools. The corrector can choose to enable anonymity to ensure the objectivity of its correction. It will be lifted when the automatic assignment of the note to the student.

  • Access to copies on the screen
  • Graphic Tools correction
  • Choosing an anomity cartridge
  • Assigning copies to another corrector

Analysis module

Detailed monitoring by question, class, student and period allows the teacher to adjust its level of evaluation and act against school failure.

  • Export results in text file
  • Exams reports with statistics in PDF format
  • Individual Email to students
  • Archives for copies and results

What our clients are saying about us…

Passnum makes life easier for all teams, including teachers. The students are very satisfied to have quick results. These tools allows our pedagogy to be more reactive and thus adapt to students to better track their progress.

Digital Coordinator IPAG Business School


For more information on Passnum, please download our complete documentation.