The Viatique platform dematerialized paper copies of the candidates to make them anonymous and instantly available to the correctors on computer, in a totally secure way. Viatique revolutionized the organization of examinations and tests by providing low organizational costs, and unparalleled user comfort for education professionals.

Traditional student composition on paper, scan and upload in the cloud

Viatique is validated and used by the Ministry of Education since 2007

The correctors are extremely pleased with the Viatique platform


Enhanced Security for copies: no risk of loss

Instant anonymity for equal opportunities

Simplification of procedures

Removal of transport and travel

Direct access of copies

Preinstalled weightings

Mediation facilitated via instant messaging and forum

Automatic upload of grades: no more entry error

Instant anonymity for candidates

By the end of the tests, candidates’ papers are scanned by scanner.

Each composition is identified, anonymous and encrypted made to be sent to the server.

The system mix copies and distributes them to correctors designated by the Manager, eliminating any possibility of manual error.

Security for copies

For the candidate, nothing changes. After scanning, the paper copies are stored in the school.

They suffer no movement or manipulation, thus avoiding any risk of loss or damage.

Copies are sent to the cloud securely and then are accessible for correction from a computer or a tablet.

Docimologie: scoring equality

Before the correction, the phases of agreement with control copies may be organized by the responsible for compliance of the weightings and the grading system.

The double correction is facilitated since each correction of a binomial can connect to the same copy from his own account. GUIs are used to identify differences between two copies, simplifying the harmonization procedures.

Supervision of Remote corrections

Viatique suits your requirements with a fully configurable implementation.

Officials overseeing the process virtually and securely thanks to a dashboard for a transversal and precise visibility on the status of copies and real-time corrections. The forum and secured instant messaging facilitate communication between education officials and correctors.

Dematerialized corrections on screen

Correctors have access to copies online, anywhere and at any time.

By connecting, they skim the composition on the screen enjoying diversified intuitive tools such as magnifying glass, ruler, protractor and marker.

By the end of the corrections, the grades are transferred automatically, without any manual input.

Electronic archiving of copies

Copies and corrections are stored on the platform.

They are accessible by any person authorized and available in PDF format if requested by a candidate.



What our clients are saying about us…

Viatique is a huge security of all procedures with an obvious reduction in costs for the operation of the examination.

AEFE high school headmaster 


For more information on Viatique, please download our complete documentation.